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ic audio is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of EN 54-24 voice alarm loudspeakers. As their main designer I created most of the artwork, ads, newsletter and trade show booths since 2004. I also designed several websites and a customised online product catalogue with a complimentary app. I am heading the continuous discovery of the digital product display.

Product Catalogue

After years of producing a labour-intensive 150 pages print catalogue, which demanded considerable peoplepower and costs, ic audio made the at the time pioneering decision to transition all 500+ products online, and in doing so becoming the first in the industry to eliminate the print version.

Online: ic audio catalogue

Project Details


User research and stakeholder interviews. Implement an online database as the central information hub for everyone involved - customers and employees - in German and English. Create information architecture and ways to import the entire product range. Design different user journeys while showcasing all relevant product details - text, diagrams, photos. Create administration section to manage product database inhouse. Train team to update catalogue.


The primary hurdle we faced was transferring and structuring an enormous amount of data. The products feature comprehensive information, including diagrams, drawings, photos, and extensive measurement data. Initially, some of this data was stored in an access database. It included countless legacy files, each requiring individual sorting and processing for digital display. Sorting through thousands of graphics and product photos, we established standards for consistency and automated tasks. Another challenge was to make sure all datasheets are generated dynamically to download with the real-time data. At the time we implemented a pdf generator and designed templates. We switched to HTML pages and moved away from pdf format when we digitalised all the product manuals.


The online product catalogue serves as the heartbeat of ic audio. Becoming the company's central reference point, it's indispensable for the sales team, providing essential information crucial for enquiries. Continuously expanded with customer-focused data, it enhances its value and utility, aligning closely with the evolving needs of the customers. As pioneers in the industry, it has set a benchmark at the time, now echoed by similar presentations in the market segment. A new design of the product display is on the current road map.

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Catalogue Digitalisation

Ajara's expertise is particularly evident in the seamless transition of the ic audio product catalogue from print to digital. With great skill and dedication, she has mastered the complexity of the task and created a very user-friendly online experience that elegantly presents the ever-growing amount of data on all devices. We trust her competence since many years.

Sascha Riedling | Business Analyst & Controller