I'm passionate about crafting inclusive and impactful user experiences. I also share my insights and expertise as a speaker, mentor and coach. I'm deeply committed to advocating for gender equality, both within the tech industry and beyond. I'm a hopeless optimist and humour is my superpower.

My story

I'm ajara, a UX Designer with a fair bit of experience under my belt. I've been fortunate to work in the industry over two decades, constantly learning and growing along the way.

I approach UX design with integrity, always aiming to prioritise the needs and well-being of users. It's important to me to create designs that are inclusive, accessible, and respectful of the people and the planet. I believe that technology should serve everyone equally, and I do my best to reflect that in my work.

Having spent the first half of my career as a web designer, I've honed strong skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, user interface design, responsive web design, and accessibility.

Curiosity drives me forward in my work. I'm always open to learn from others and love to share what I know. I have been teaching and speaking from day one of my professional life - at universities, conferences, educational institutions and companies.

In a previous life I have been trained and worked as a therapist - just saying.

I am also an avid runner and a seasoned meditator. These practices keep me grounded and centered, especially when life gets hectic. It is my way of taking a moment to pause and reflect.

"Relaxing into the Unknown" is my motto! It reminds me to embrace uncertainty with an open mind and heart, knowing that there's always something new to discover.

In summary, I'm just a humble UX Designer trying to make a positive difference in the world, one user experience at a time.