CameraForensics is a digital imaging forensics software helping global law enforcement agencies to discover critical leads faster. Its technology indexes imagery across the web to match online and offline personas. The platform is currently used by investigators of Internet Crimes against Children (ICAC), modern slavery, human trafficking and counter-terrorism.

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Initially the CameraForensics team approached me to address user experience issues on their platform, highlighted by metrics indicating pain points in the onboarding and usage.

Acknowledging the absence of a UX designer on their team, they saw the need to look deeper into the user journey and the software's usability.

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Project Details


Discovery process including stakeholder interviews and engagement with law enforcement officers worldwide. UX Audit, User research and usability testing of software and learning system. Define UX strategy and data driven metrics. Identify user types and design various onboarding journeys. Restructure license management through focus workshops. Design and establish regular newsletter. Conceptualise Train-the-Trainer programm and revision of course material based on user research. Collaborate on user flow with other products. Ensure the implementation and iteration of design changes. Full UX support of two new products with design, user research and workshops. Comprehensive written reports at all stages


The major challenge was joining a team of software developers who had not yet incorporated UX practice in their work flow. While the team had a generally open and user-centered mindset, UX principles did not play a big part in their daily routines. I gradually introduced workshop explorations, user research, and usability tests into the existing development process. Regular UX Surgery sessions were instrumental in fostering deeper understanding and collaboration. Presenting the results of user research and exploration sessions helped outline clear user types and pain points. UX retrospectives effectively illustrated the progress made, providing visible milestones for the entire team. Small wins along the way paved the path.


CameraForensics is on an inspiring journey of continuous growth, with a heightened emphasis on user engagement evident through the organisation of regular workshops and conferences. They actively cultivate collaboration with other projects within the field, building an interconnected ecosystem. Working with such an innovative tech-for-good company, driven by highly technical individuals united by a strong mission, was incredibly fulfilling. To date, this remains one of the most rewarding projects I've had the privilege to contribute to.

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Growing UX Maturity

Ajara is a bright, confident and competent UX professional that we had the pleasure of working with here at CameraForensics. Ajara was confident enough to challenge us on our approach to human-centred design, but patient enough to help us catch up. Thanks Ajara for the great work you did here, the effects of which continue to grow.

Matt Burns | Founder CameraForensics