WildQuest is a company specialized in respectfully swimming with wild dolphins in the Bahamas. I am the designer behind most of their artwork, ads, newsletter and merchandise since 2008. I also designed the website and the customised online booking system.

WQ Online Booking System

After initial experimentation with online booking forms, WildQuest recognised the need to develop a dedicated booking system integrated in the booking office.

Crafting a customised booking system required meticulous attention to every detail. We started with a thorough discovery process.

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Project Details


Create a comprehensive booking process complete with a payment gateway and all essential communications. Develop a responsive user interface. Design and implement an administration area where office staff can efficiently manage all data, book flights, arrange accommodations, and generate necessary lists. This centralized hub facilitates seamless coordination and organisation. Design a client dashboard to manage bookings in personal account.


The primary challenge in designing the WQ booking system was to cater to a significant portion of clients who were not proficient with computers. Simplifying the process was paramount. We worked very close with the booking office. With our discovery insights we streamlined the complete booking process into four steps, prioritising simplicity and ease of use. Each of which is designed for intuitiveness, featuring clear instructions and visual cues. We curated the questions asked to avoid overwhelming clients with irrelevant details. Automated emails serve as supportive guides, offering assistance and reassurance at every step of the journey.


The Online Booking System efficiently manages all bookings for the retreats. Over time, we've enhanced its capabilities by incorporating additional functionalities into the admin area. Regular check-ins with the booking staff regarding client pain points and internal challenges are the cornerstone of ongoing refinement. Today 85% of the clients navigate the booking process and manage their personal accounts independently, reflecting the system's human-centred design and accessibility.

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Customised Booking System

Ajara is my go-to expert for the latest trends in web design and customer interface! She has supported WildQuest's online booking process for many years, always helping us find the most streamlined experience for our clients. On a personal note, she is also an inspiring example of how to joyfully blend work and play, creativity and practicality!

Nala Cardillo | Reservation Office